Joni’s Tips






Don’t forget your eyebrows!  They frame the eyes and add expression to the face.  Proper arching by waxing and filling in, if needed, is essential.

When applying powder or dry foundation, use ‘press and roll’ technique to avoid removing the product and to have it firmly pressed into the skin.

Only apply blush along cheekbone for a natural appearance.  Too much will make a ‘made-up’ or over-done appearance.

Use foundation or a moisturizer with a sunscreen always.  Surprising how much exposure we get from just running in and out for shorter times.

After applying pencil eyeliner, brush over it with eye shadow in similar color to tone to set it. Your eyeliner will stay on all day.

A common mistake when using a foundation is to use a shade darker than the natural skin tone to look tan.  Don’t.  It looks unnatural.  Foundation should match the tone of the skin.

The cat-eye is toned down for modern evening look.  Use dark eyeliner winged at the end with hint of color on bottom lid or inner corner of the eye.

Lipliner can even out uneven lips or balance out a fuller lower lip.  Use liner on outer edge of upper lip to look fuller and to the inside of lower lip.

Lash tips:

From special occasion to everyday wear, lashes are making a strong come-back. Strip lashes are easy to apply, comfortable to wear and make your eyes pop.  Individual lashes can be applied in the salon for a variety of looks from natural to glitzy.

  • rewear lashes several times by handling carefully when applying and taking them off
  • try color tinted lashes adorned with glitter or jewels
  • wear two sets at one time for more a spectacular look
  • bottom lashes are big on the runway
  • accent lashes with individual lashes at the end of eye for a flirty look
  • use different lashes for different looks
  • use eyeliner with lashes for a nice finish


Use conditioner only at the ends to avoid softening at the roots that will flatten the hair.

Color your hair according to your face shape. For round face shape, use darkness at the cheek line. For square face shapes, use color to soften jawline. Long face shapes need darkness at the roots and lightness at the ends. Lucky oval face shapes can use color depths wherever they want.

To get salon results at home, two products are essential:  Aveda’s Confixor, a leave-on conditioner that adds light-weight hold, eliminates static and adds manageability.  Our Smoothing Infusion Glossing Straightner polishes, straightens and protects hair from the heat of drying. Great products!

Do use velcro rollers to add lots of volume to your hair.  Dry hair completely, then lift a section of hair and spray with Aveda’s Witch Hazel hairspray under and over.  Roll hair down using tension and being careful to smooth ends onto roller.  When finished setting give an all over spray and leave on for 15 minutes.  Uncurl carefully and using a small amount of  Smooth Infusion Styling Prep, run fingers through hair.  Finish with a light spray of either Witch Hazel or Air Control hairspray.

When round brushing hair dry, always use the “pointer/ nozzle” on the end of your hair dryer to concentrate the flow of air directionally for smooth, frizz-free results.

Pre-dry hair 95% dry before starting to round brush.  It’s wasted time and effort to start using brush to dry and style hair before hair is dry enough to curl, straighten or bend.

When you are drying your hair with a brush and dryer,  hold the dryer, not by the handle, but by the nozzle end.  You’ll find it easier to handle both the dryer and brush at the same time.

Use dryer on “hot” when styling with brush.  Hair curls much better and faster, but avoid directing the air toward scalp. Ouch!



NEW! Dazzle base and top coat.  Dries in 5 to 6 minutes, lasts for up to three weeks, no chipping, no uv light needed and removes with regular polish remover.  Isn’t that dazzling?!